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How to play Din's Curse - for people brand new to the game

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Din's Curse Quick Start
(You can do this differently later; but to play right away, do the following)

  • 1) Click on "Play", then click on "New Character"
  • 2) Click on "Warrior"; Type in a NAME for your character; Select the GENDER (sex) for your character.
  • 3) Click on "OK" to get to the next screen.
  • 4) Click on "Create New World" (leave the "Starting Monster Level" at 0 (Zero)).  Your character will now be in a town.
  • 5) Click on "OK" to close the Help Message. As the game continues, click on the blinking Question Marks at the bottom of the screen to read the in-game help messages. You can turn them off, but I don't advise doing that. If you do turn off Help, you can turn it back on again under Options/Game Options and clicking on the button "Reset all help topics".
  • 5a) Set up the "Game Options" by pressing "Escape", selecting "Options" and then "Game Options". Click here to see how I set up my "GAME OPTIONS".
USING YOUR GEAR (Note: in later versions of the game you only start with a single backpack)
  • 6) (IMPORTANT!) Right Click on the Backpack on the bottom-right of the screen to display your gear (or just press the "I" (Inventory) key on your keyboard). You will do this often to use gear in your bag as the game goes along. In your Backpack items on the right, you will see some Fresh Fruit, a Tumbler of Healing, and a Hatchet. If you pressed "I", you will also see in the center of the screen a window displaying items with which you are currently equipped (actually using).
  • 6a) Left click on the Fresh Fruit to select it and then left click  on the empty slot 3 at the bottom of your screen. The fresh fruit will now be shown in slot 3 (as well as in your backpack). The fresh fruit can be used later to restore your health when you need it by pressing the number 3 on your keyboard. Don't press 3 until later when you've lost some of your health. You can actually put the fruit in any empty slot you choose.
  • 7) Right Click on the Hatchet to use it.  The Hatchet will now appear in your character's hand. In addition, in the center window (if you pressed "I"), you will now see the hatchet displayed as being used by you. Close the Backpack items box (or close all Inventory windows by pressing "I").
  • 8) Left click some distance away from your character. Your character will run to the spot where you clicked. This is how you move around in the game. Also, if you place your cursor somewhere on the screen and hold down the left mouse button, you will run towards the cursor even while it is being moved somewhere else on the screen (making it easy to change directions).
  • 8a) You can Zoom in/out by scrolling your mouse wheel.
  • 8b) [Important for some character classes but not a warrior] Holding the CTRL key down will prevent your character from moving when left clicking and thus make it safer to select, shoot at, or cast spells on enemies. You can change the CTRL key to work as a toggle instead in the game options, if that is easier for you.
ACCEPTING QUESTS   (This is important in order to save the town)
  • 9) At this point, you could left click on some of the townspeople with a Question Mark "?" above their head and then click on "Quests". If you see any quests for "Dungeon lvl 1", you can click on "Accept" to go do that task for them if you want. Eventually you will need to complete many tasks (quests) for the townspeople and Din in order to save the town (win). Because some of the quests have a time limit, it's probably not a good idea to accept any quests for levels with a high dungeon number until later when you reach that dungeon level. Once you've completed a quest, you must return to the person (or monster) who gave you that quest. They will now have an Exclamation Point "!" above their head. Click on them to SOLVE that quest. After you have completed and solved enough quests, you will be told that you saved that town. You will be given rewards, and then you can move on to the next town that needs saving.
ENTERING THE DUNGEON (and how to attack monsters and obstacles)
  • 10) (IMPORTANT!) Look around for a blue-gray rocky thing in the nearby area. This is your entrance into the first dungeon or cave. When you find it, click on it with your mouse. Your character should run over to it and enter the first dungeon. To return to town, click on the stone steps in the dungeon near you, and you will be back in town (if you can't see your character, he/she might be behind the stone dungeon entrance - just click your mouse somewhere in town and he'll run out from behind the entrance).
  • 11) After entering the first dungeon, start exploring the dungeon by clicking your mouse in the direction you want to go.
  • 12) If you see a monster, you can left click on the monster to attack it. Hold down the left mouse button to keep attacking it until it is dead. If there are 2 or more monsters attacking you, after killing the first monster you will need to click on the next monster to attack it.
  • 12a) If you hold down the "1" (attack) key on your keyboard and put your cursor over a monster (or anything that can be attacked), your character will attack it. You can continue to hold an attack key down and move your cursor from monster to monster to attack them. You can open stuck or locked doors or attack and destroy other obstacles using this same method (see below)
  • This is VERY IMPORTANT! There are many things that can block your path in the dungeons. You CAN get past all obstacles. Sometimes the ONLY way is to use something called your SKILLS.  I will only tell you how to use your most basic skill in this section. Other skills can be complicated and will be talked about later. If you come across a stuck or locked door (or anything blocking your path), place your mouse cursor over that object until it is highlighted. Then push the "1" key on your keyboard(NOT the one on the number keypad!). Your character will then strike the door. You can hold down the "1" attack key to continue attacking the obstacle as long as you keep your cursor over that object. Continue this process until the door is bashed open. If it's another object blocking your path, use this process until the obstacle, whatever it is, is destroyed. (Hint: Sometimes you have to destroy things you don't want to - like a healthstone blocking your path!)


  • If a vendor or other NPC is blocking your path, left-click on that vendor to bring up his menu. Choose the option "Switch Places". After you switch places with that person, you should be able to procede.
  • 13) After you kill a monster, it may drop something on the floor. If it does, hold down the "Alt" key to identify items on the floor, and left click on the name tag for that item to pick it up and put it into your backpack. You may also just left click on the item on the floor to pick it up. The "Alt" key can be used to identify many items in the game, so use it often especially if looking for an "evil artifact", "relic", or "heirloom".
  • 14) Continue through the dungeon killing monsters and collecting the gear that they drop on the floor. You can use some of this gear by right clicking on your Backpack and other bags (or press "I"), and then right clicking on an item to use it. For instance, if you pick up some leather boots, right click on the boots and you will be wearing them.  You will want to be wearing or be equipped with the best gear you can find or buy to make you a better warrior. Some items will not be able to be used by your particular character. You can learn what each character class can use (armor, weapons, etc.) HERE. How to get PLATE ARMOR
  • 15) As you fight monsters, they can hurt you; and you will lose health indicated by the green bar above your characters head and in the upper left of the screen. If this green bar drops to zero, you will die. You can regain health by returning to town and clicking the GOLD ALTAR beside Din, clicking on a HEALTHSTONE or LIFESTONE that you come across in the dungeons, or by using a healing potion, or by eating (using) some food (like the fresh fruit) from your Backpack or Bags. Some gear with which you equip yourself will also help you slowly regain health, but these items are somewhat rare.
(Note: in later versions of the game you only start with a single backpack) 
  • 16) Once your Backpack and Bag are full of items you have collected, you won't be able to collect any more loot until you make more room in your bags. If you don't use them yourself, you will need to return to town and sell them to a vendor for money.
  • 17) If you return to town with your bags full of items, you can sell them to some of the people in the town for money. If you click on a townsperson a menu will pop up. If one of the menu selections says "TRADE", you can sell items to that person. After clicking on "TRADE", all your items will pop up on the right side of the screen, and the vendor's items will pop up on the left. If you pause the game (hit "P"), you can trade at your own liesure, but you'll need to click on "identify all" to identify all of your items. If you place your mouse over any one of your items, you can sell that item to the vendor by tapping the "SPACEBAR". You will be given money in exchange for the sold item. You will need money to buy other things later, so collect all the money that you can. If you want to buy an item from a vendor, just place your mouse over that item and tap the spacebar. You must have enough money to buy that item. If you do, the item will be put into your Backpack or bag if there is room. You can then Right-click on that item to use it. Also, sometimes you'll find vendors in the dungeons as well as in town.

BACKPACKS AND BAGS - NOTE: Bags can ONLY be moved when they are empty. Items can ONLY be stored in bags.

  • 18) (IMPORTANT!) You start out with a Backpack that holds 12 items, and a small bag that holds only 4 items. (Note: in later versions of the game you only start with a single backpack) There are 2 more empty slots to the right of the small bag where you can put more EMPTY bags that you later find or buy. The bags that you find or buy will at first be stored in your Backpack or small bag. You will need to move them to those empty slots so you can use them to store more items that you'll find in the dungeon. You do this by Right-clicking on your Backpack (or other bag) to display it's contents. The empty bag will be one of your items. While holding down the left mouse button on the empty bag, drag the bag down to one of the two empty slots next to your other bags (or you can left click on the empty bag and then left click in the empty bag slot if you wish). Now you'll be able to put items into that bag that you've found in the dungeon or bought from a vendor. Vendors are the only people to offer bags for sale, so check a vendor every chance you get for more bags to buy. If you already have 4 bags and you find a bigger bag that holds more items, you'll want to use it so you can collect more items. Empty one of your smaller bags of items first. Then move the old (now empty) bag out of your bag slot (you can just drag it out and it will drop on the ground). Then drag the bigger bag from your items into the empty bag slot. Now you can collect even more loot. You can pick up and put the old empty bag in your stash chests in town to store items you want to keep for later.
  • 19) The dungeon associated with each world or town has various levels. You start by entering the cavelike entrance in town to get to the first dungeon level. In this level, and in every dungeon level, is a GATE that will bring you back to town. Note: A gate must be activated in the dungeon first in order to use it from town. Once you go down into the dungeon and activate the level 1 gate, you can then use it to return to town or return to that gate in the dungeon. Since your town may come under attack by monsters at any time, it is important to find these GATES so you can get back to town quickly to help defend it. If all of the key people in the town get killed, you will lose that town. So be on the lookout for a level's GATE. Find the gates as fast as you safely can. Once you find a GATE, you can click on it to activate it. Clicking on it a second time will take you back to town. You can return to that dungeon level's gate by using the MAIN GATE in town.
  • 20) TELEPORT BALLThe teleport ball (shown below) can be used once per town (world) to immediately return you to town in case of a town attack. I repeat, you can only use the teleport ball once per town, so use it wisely! It is located on the left side of your skills hot key bar near the bottom left of your screen.
  • 21) Also, once you enter the first dungeon level, you'll also need to find the ENTRANCE TO LEVEL 2. You need to find this entrance so you can get to the next level. Once you're in dungeon level 2, find the LEVEL 2 GATE and the ENTRANCE TO LEVEL 3, etc. Once I've found the gate to a level, I usually return to town to accept any quests from a townsperson or Din for that level. Also there are unknown gates that can take you places, but you'll have to discover exactly how they work on your own!  :)


  • 22) After you have completed and solved enough quests, You will be told that you saved that town. Click on "Continue".  An icon of a flashing crown will appear at the top right of your screen. BEFORE you click on the flashing crown icon, find the gold chest in town and click on it to collect your reward (loot). Then, sell your unwanted loot and stock up on any health or mana potions you might need in the next town (some new towns have no vendors at the start). Then click on the flashing crown icon. Din will congratulate you, and you will be shown some statistics of how you did. Click on "OK".
  • 23) On the "Setup World" screen that comes up, notice that "Select Starting Monster Level" is no longer Zero ("0") but has risen to a higher number near what is considered the "Normal" level of difficulty. You may now set the difficulty level of the monsters by selecting a lower number (easier) or by selecting a higher number (harder) to make your next town (world) easier or more challenging to play. Personally, I like an easier setting, but a harder setting which gives you more difficult monsters will allow your reputation to increase more quickly (if you survive!). Then click on "Create New World" to start your quest to save the next town.
  • 24) Eventually you will be freed from your servitude to Din (win the game) when you have redeemed yourself by saving enough towns, killing enough monsters, and obtaining enough reputation (level 5) and solving a boss quest from Din. Then you will have an opportunity to continue the game by becoming one of Din's Champion, Elite, and finally Ledgendary heros.  

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